Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not such a good day...

It wasn't a great day on the farm today. First of all, we discovered that the cherry tree was destroyed by raccoons. They must have climbed up in it to get at the cherries (which were ready to be picked) and since it's still a young tree it wasn't sturdy enough to hold their the top half of the tree snapped. It's just hanging over now and those little thiefs picked EVERY LAST CHERRY OFF!!! I'm not kidding. They didn't miss a single cherry. The stems are all still on the tree and the cherries were all neatly picked off. I hope they got a belly ache!

The goats almost got their ticket to the sale barn. Jason got really mad at them. I mean really, really, really mad! They have been kept enclosed for over a week now because they were wreaking havoc in the garden. Today, we decided to let them out to browse while we were outside (the sweet corn patch now has an electric fence to keep them out). Well, they were still out when Jason was feeding the heifers and the goats decided to jump up in the feeders to help themselves. Jason tried to shoo them away.....the heifers freaked of the heifers ended up in the feed trough with her leg wasn't good. I can't express enough how mad he was. He told Leah that the goats are lucky that she likes them so much!!

By far, the worst news of the day is that Sidney the cat died. He was about 15-16 years old but unfortunately didn't die from old age. He was run over by a truck which is surprising because he hardly ever went into the road. Today was his day. It was pretty heartbreaking because he was a gift to me from my parents when I was a sophomore in college. Jason and I were dating then but we had broken up and Sidney was a gift to try and cheer me up. He was a housecat for many, many years but became an outdoor farm cat about 6 years ago. He loved it outside and was a really cool cat. Leah was sad and said "We have to bury him and put a stone up with his picture on it." We'll see what we can do.


Carmen Buller said...

Wow what a day on the farm! Typical farm life...good days and bad days! VERY scary that the heifer got her foot stuck. Goat meat isn't nearly as tasty as beef and don't blame jason for wanting to ship them off! They are lucky they have Leah!

Stephanie said...

You didn't tell me about the cherry tree. Little Rascals. Vivian will be sad to hear that. She really liked the cherry she sampled on our last visit!

The goats continue to wreck havoc,huh? Lucky, lucky, Leah :)

Animal loss on the farm :( such a sad event...especially when it is a beloved pet. Sorry you had to witness that.

Carmen Buller said...

Thought of Leah when I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning. They made snakes out of old ties. Here is the link if your are interested.