Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here we go!!

Well, I have finally started my own blog. After months of obsessing about it and spending way too much time reading my favorite blogs, I have decided to jump right into the blogosphere and do one of my own. I will admit I am very hesitant about it because there are so many great blogs out there and I think "Why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say?" I do tend to overthink things and I'm pretty sure that's where I was at when my Mom told me just to do it!! I absolutely LOVE all of the crafty blogs out there and have gotten lots of ideas of things I want to make (you should see how long my list is). Now I just need more time in each day so I can actually get some of those things finished!

This blog will probably not give anyone any helpful tips or great ideas, but I hope you enjoy some of my families experiences as we travel weekly from the Street Lights to Starry Nights!


Stephanie said...

Yippee! As Dora says, You Did It! I'll be a faithful reader :) and you'll go on my blogroll immediately!

Anonymous said...

who is this sexy MILF? you go GIRL!!!

Julie said...

Hi... I just found you through a comment you left on Philigry. Congratulations on starting a blog. I love the name and idea.

I have also wanted to start a blog of my own and like you, I often think who would be interested in reading it when there are so many inspirational blogs out there. I tend to overthink things too.

I hope to stop by again... just maybe I'll make the decision to jump in too.