Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy for chickens

The chicks are now all at the farm in the milk barn which we have turned into our chicken coop. The broilers are being kept separate because they grow faster, eat A LOT more, poop A LOT more and are in general pretty nasty. The pullets on the other hand are not messy at all and since they will be our "pets" we spend more time with them. They have all grown so much. I had not seen them for 5 days and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them Friday night. They are entering that awkward "teenage" stage where feathers are growing in some areas and I think most people would say they are a bit ugly. I think they are lovely. They have such sweetness in their eyes when they look at you. I find my fondness for these birds quite strange because....I DO NOT like birds. Actually, that's not true....I am scared of birds. I love to watch them. It's so much fun to have feeders and baths out for the wild birds or to watch someones pet bird in their cage, but put a bird on me and I'll freak out! I don't want to hold, touch or be a perch for any bird....and I certainly don't want to take a shower with one (my sister Stephanie put one of their parrots in the shower with me one time while I was visiting at their house...can you say "FREAKED OUT"!!!) My craziness for these chickens is very baffling considering my bird phobia, but I really am loving these birds!

Here they are roosting. These girls are very advanced because everything I've read says they won't really start to roost until about 6 weeks but to give them starter roosts so they get used to the idea. I think they've got the idea!

This is Honey

and this is Sweetie-Pie.

I know, I're saying to yourself "They look like the same chicken." Well, Leah and I can tell the difference.

Leah loves to tend to her animals. Here she is giving the girls a treat from the garden.

She has such gentle hands for a 4 year old and the chickens seem to know that. They aren't afraid of her at all. She can reach down with one hand, slide it under them and lift them onto her lap.

Sometimes, they don't even wait for an invitation!

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Stephanie said...

If I can stop laughing I'll tell you how sweet these little chickies are! I forgot about the shower story...which bird, Mony?

The pictures are adorable, and I think Vivi and the boys would just LOVE Honey and SweetiePie. Although, the boys probably should not handle them. I doubt they have the same gentle touch!