Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sounds So Good

We are country music fans around here and we listen to a lot of music since we don't watch television. If you are also a country music fan you HAVE to get this album !! She has a couple of songs being played on the radio now and maybe we're late to hop on the bandwagon, but we are loving this album! Jason told me he had heard a singer that he thought I would like and man was he right! She wrote 10 of 11 songs on the album and to me that is awesome. I always enjoy a singer more when I know they write their own songs. There's a lot of singing about "cold beer", "coolers slushin", "whippoorwills singin" and "long dirt roads". If you grew up in a small town it will be very reminiscent for you!! Be forewarned though.....if you don't like your country music with some southern might not like this! I LOVE it!!!!


Stephanie said...

Blogqueen, I can't keep up with you! I've not heard her, but LOVED it too. I'll have to ask Rich if he's heard this. I noticed on her tour schedule she's in Chicago tonight! I'm looking up the pub she's playing in!

kristen said...

Isn't she awesome?! She's in KC Sunday night!!

I'm already addicted to blogging...I was already obsessed with reading them and now all I think about is things to post! I should really be getting ready for Leah's birthday party tomorrow!