Friday, October 3, 2008

Retail therapy

I had some much needed retail therapy today. I didn't buy much...just a couple of shirts, but it helped. You see, I've been in a funk lately. One of those phases where I don't like my clothes, don't like my hair and don't like my makeup. Actually, I wore makeup today for the first time in maybe 2 weeks. I have never been a high maintenance person, but I have always tried to keep myself up. I have never gone overboard on any of these but enough to keep myself feeling confident. I have not been feeling confident fact, I've been feeling pretty rotten. Yucky, blah, plain.

I decided to get out of the house today and go shopping (for something other than groceries). I put on makeup, fixed my hair (who is that lady in the mirror??) put on some cute shoes (not my broken down flip-flops) and headed out. I found a couple really cute I just need to wear them instead of always grabbing the same old thing.

So, that's a start in the clothing the hair and makeup. I made an appointment to get my hair trimmed/highlighted next week and I'm researching mineral makeup (my dermatologist recommended it). Do any of you use mineral makeup that you love? I'm trying to decide which brand to try.

Hopefully, I can pamper myself a little and send this funk down the road.


Merrie said...

Good for you to try and climb out of the funk. That's never easy, but always worth it.
I wear Bare Minerals and I really like it. Once you find the right balance of not too little and not too much, it's a nice look. Plus, it doesn't irritate my rosacea, which is huge for me. And you can sleep in it, which is handy for the late night lazy me. :) Hope you find something you like!

GoteeMan said...

yeah, send that funk sailing on down the drain...

J/ (

LazyCrazyMama said...

Yay! Shopping therapy is good. I have found that as a mother its very rare that I go shopping for myself. But when you do it just makes you feel good!
I'm an extremely low maintenance person myself... but did actually color my hair last month! And getting your hair done does wonders for the funk :)
I should try makeup someday...
btw: I left an award for you on my blog, you will have to scroll down to get it.

Stephanie said...

I forgot to ask how the brush your derm. recommended works? I'm not in a funk, though I know them well! I just don't have time to go shopping or get myself ready! What will I do for my bday? I'll wear the same ol same ol.