Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chicken update

Can I just say that I LOVE my chickens!?! I don't know why we waited so long to get them. We are all enjoying them so much! Leah loves to give them treats and can't wait 'til the end of the day to give them their "scrat" (scratch). I think someone who is enjoying them a lot more than he thought is Dad. He likes to show us how they come running when he calls them and as much as he likes to pretend to be annoyed by them at times.....he's not fooling me! One evening, we were all out feeding the bottle calf and watching the chickens. Dad started to walk across the yard to get something from the shed and he had a steady line of 10 chickens following him!!! Why oh why didn't I have my camera?!?!?! We started laughing and he turned around to see his conga line. He tried to act indifferent and I think even grumbled something like "damn chickens", but he could not hide the smirk on his face. Yeah....he's enjoying them too....even if they are pooping on the concrete around his workbench. We'll just keep reminding him of the farm fresh eggs we'll be getting soon!

Here are some recent pictures of the chickens.

Dad and I fixed a nice little door for them.

Here is the rooster. Isn't he beautiful? He has started to crow....he doesn't have it down perfect yet but he's getting pretty good. Dad said he counted one day and the rooster crowed 14 times in a row! Guess he knows that practice makes perfect.


Stephanie said...

I can just see Dad and his conga line! You know why Lucy follows him, don't you? I bet he has a stash of goodies hidden for them! That's so cute....and there isn't a dog on the farm anymore, so man's best friend is now chickens....and the rooster :)

Let's hope Batista gets his doodle-doo down soon, and doesn't end up like Brewster the Rooster(the book you have to check out for Leah)

Carmen Buller said...

Batista is beautiful! (seeing that typed out cracks me up because it is a wrestler and probably the first time Batista is described as beautiful)T I think it is great when a rooster is learning to sounds like they are going through puberty and their voice is cracking!

Merrie said...

Go Batista! Those chickens are beautiful, all of them! My aunt and uncle used to have some and we loved getting to feed them and enjoy the fresh eggs. Have fun!