Thursday, October 30, 2008

Farm tour

I thought I would post a few pictures of our new farm for everyone to see what we're so excited about. So, come along on a tour with me!

Pulling into the driveway you see this...

If you look to your right you see this....

....the orchard. There are 3 peach, 2 apple, 2 pear and a couple walnut trees there. We plan to add a cherry tree. Leah and I also want to add some kind of berries somewhere. Maybe blackberries....yummy! Those are pears in the bottom picture. I picked one up off the ground and I'm not kidding you, it was the size of a softball!

Wanna take a walk around? You'll see this....

Love this! I am a huge fan of old barns and this one definitely qualifies. It needs some repair but still usable.

The chicken house. It also needs some repair/paint but once it's fixed, it will be perfect for some chickens.

The grapevines are along the fence on the left side of picture. By the way, those tractor tires will be going. They were being used as planters, but we'll till up an area for a garden.

This will be our new home. It's small but will be cozy. I'd invite you in, but since we haven't officially moved in I'd better wait. My mind has been racing lately thinking of all the things we want to do with this place. Among other things, I have paint colors, flooring choices, furniture arrangements and storage space issues on my mind. It's probably a good thing we're moving here during the cold season because that way we can focus on getting the house in order and not get distracted with wanting to be outside.

We get possession next week and then the adventure begins!


Stephanie said...

I LOVE it! The barn reminds me of home. So does the water pump, the space and freedom, the orchard(from when we had fruit trees), the chicken house, the shed....pure beauty. Even the house...small and cozy. It's very different than where you are moving from, but doesn't the song go something grows best in little houses, with fewer walls that separate us.... I can't wait to see it in person!

Carmen Buller said...

I've been waiting to see these pics!!! It looks so awesome. I love all the character it has and especially the old barn. I also think blackberries would be the perfect addition!

MeadowLark said...

Thanks for sharing your blessing. This made me homesick, which is always a good sign.

Just pretend with me: (From It's a Wonderful Life)

Bread... that this house may never know hunger.
(Handing you a loaf of bread)

Salt... that life may always have flavor.
(Handing over a box of salt)

And wine... that joy and prosperity may reign forever.
(Holding wine bottle in hands. Still holding it. Do I really have to hand over the wine? Sigh... OK, handing over bottle of wine)


Welcome to your new home.

Grandma Anneli said...

I enjoyed the pictures so much! It reminded me of how exciting it was when we first bought our farm. It really looks like a place to call home and enjoy all the country life has to offer. Can't wait to see the inside! There are not that many places in the world these days that offer the farm life like the Midwest, enjoy!

Jessie said...

Congratulations, it's gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see it in person. It does look a lot like Grandma and Grandpa's! I've been reading your blogs and just haven't taken the time to say anything. Leah is going to have so much fun! Miss and love you all!