Friday, October 17, 2008


Since I just wrote a post about the chickens, I thought this would be a good time to tell you what we named our rooster and why. We wanted a tough name. Something easy to say (or yell) but really, tough. He is going to be the chicken guardian after all...he needs to have a tough name!

His name is Batista and he's named after the wrestler on WWE. Yeah, you read that right....WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Isn't that funny? Before you start thinking I'm the wacky person who watches that, let me just tell you it gets even wackier than that! It's my DAD that watches it! He LOVES it. In fact, Friday nights at 7pm are set in stone around their house....Smackdown! Jason and I give him a very hard time about it and try to tell him that it's not real (hence the name World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT) but I really think he believes it. He knows all of the actors, I mean wrestlers' names (his favorite is The Undertaker) and says things like "I bet that hurts!" when they bash each other with metal folding chairs. Yeah, right Dad.....I bet it hurts all right.

I have to admit that I know several of the actors, I mean wrestlers' names too.....but ONLY because we're at Mom & Dad's house every weekend and that's what's on the TV when we get there. I do feel a little weird about having a link to the WWE website on my blog, but guys needed to see the inspiration for the name!

We have a lot of fun with the Smackdown jokes and no matter how much we tease him about it, he still loves him some Smackdown!! I bet there aren't many 69 year old farmers watching Smackdown every Friday night! So, that's why we thought Batista was such an appropriate name for the Roo since Dad would be taking care of the chickens most of the time. He can have a little WWE around him every day!!! I do draw the line at one WWE name for the chickens though....we're not going to be naming the hens after the WWE Divas!! Don't get any ideas Dad!!!


Stephanie said...

I really liked Nadeem or Tabooli, but Batista really is the best for this farm rooster! Smackdown!! That cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

The chickens are beautiful!! And so is the little girl. Love, Grandma Anneli