Thursday, July 31, 2008

New recipes

I have tried a couple new recipes this week and both turned out to be keepers. I found both of them on this AWESOME blog I stumbled across!! If you love to cook, you will quickly mark this blog as a favorite!

I found it because I was searching for Ratatouille recipes. Leah has the movie and it is really cute. After watching the movie, Jason asked me what ratatouille was and if I could make it. I had never made it but wanted to try it out. Every recipe I've ever seen for it looked like a mushy mess so I was curious if Remy's (the rat from the movie) recipe was actually real. We had eggplant and zucchini from the garden so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. You can find the recipe here. Let me just say it is 1. Beautiful and 2. Yummy! Mine didn't turn out quite as beautiful as hers but she probably didn't have a 4 year old helping her! It was delicious though.

There are lots and lots of recipes I want to try from smittenkitchen but so far I've only had time to try the Ratatouille and her version of huevos rancheros. It is SO good and SO easy! I had garden fresh tomatoes and onions to make the salsa.....oooohh my!! I did not have a jalapeno so I just put several dashes of green tabasco.
The next night, I had some leftover salsa & black beans so I mixed them together...cooked a couple of ears of corn and cut them off the cob then added that to the salsa/bean mixture. I cooked up some hamburger and seasoned it.....threw in some cheddar cheese....topped it with sour cream.....fried up some corn tortillas and voila.......dinner was served! Jason said they were the best tacos he's had! They were delicious and super easy!


Stephanie said...

They look delightful! I'll have to try both...waiting for an eggplant. Mine are not doing so well.

angie said...

I love that you were able to improvise the next night. I have never been to the blog you mentioned, but it looks great.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!