Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No dish pan hands for me!

I have no idea what I'd do without a dishwasher. I put everything in the dishwasher....even things that I'm not supposed to. If I absolutely have to hand wash something, it will sit in the sink for a while and that is a huge pet peeve of mine - dishes in the sink. When a meal is over in this house, the dishes get put in the dishwasher immediately. The counter and sink are cleaned. Period. I can't stand a dirty kitchen. BUT....hand washing dishes throws me for a loop. Example...I made zucchini bread (which, by the way, I have an awesome recipe for) on Monday. I normally put the loaf pans and mixing bowls in the dishwasher but since the dishwasher was already full and running I put them in the sink with some hot, soapy water. I thought, "Surely I can get 2 loaf pans and 1 mixing bowl washed!" Nope. Tuesday morning I woke up and they were still there. I drained the now ice cold water and added more hot, soapy water. They sat there all day. This is Wednesday and I JUST NOW WASHED THEM!! They have been sitting in the sink since MONDAY!!! The crazy thing is that it took me maybe 3 minutes to wash them.

I have more zucchini that needs to be used and would like to make a couple more loaves of bread to put in the freezer. I better make sure the dishwasher is available before I start that again!


Carmen Buller said...

I just made some zucchini bread...its in the oven right now! I used small foil pans and am going to THROW them away! I agree with doing dishes by is such a horrible task and I rank it up there with putting gas in my car! I ABSOLUTELY hate to put gas in vehicles even if it only cost $1 I would hate it. E-mail me your recipe I'm always up for trying a new one!

Stephanie said...

Your recipe is awesome. We've eaten an entire loaf! I can't believe you let them sit there! That's entirely unlike you :) I washed hand.grrrr...with the dinner mess that night, as my dishwasher was full also.

As much as I dislike washing dishes, I hate to wake to a sink full of dirty, smelly, dishes. A shiny sink is like a smile from the kitchen every morning!