Friday, April 10, 2009

Who says kids shouldn't watch TV?!?!

I know there are a lot of people out there who say you shouldn't let young children watch very much TV. Before I had children, I swore I would not allow mine to watch much, if any, TV. Things have changed. (Come on....why would they have PBS kids or channels like Noggin if we aren't supposed to let our kids watch it?!?) I am going to admit right here that my child gets more than the recommended 2 hours/day of TV. I'm not saying that's ALL she does EVERY DAY....there are days that she watches quite a bit but there are days she doesn't watch any. Depends on what we've got going on.

She LOVES infomercials and has come to get me multiple times to watch something that she thinks I really need.....the topsy-turvy tomato plant is the latest one. She'll make me watch the whole thing and will glance my way to see if I'm as impressed as she is. "Look Mom.....they're going to double your offer!!" Then she'll repeat things like "Isn't that amazing?" Let's see....she thinks we need the topsy-turvy tomato, Aqua Globes and anything the oxy-clean man is selling.

Lately, all she wants to watch is Animal Planet. She'll come running, yelling "Mommy, tonight at 10/9 central Crocodile Blues is going to be on!" (Her mind is a sponge I tell ya.) Today she's watching a show about Orangutans....she just came to tell me a little bit about it...

"Mommy, some of the bigger mean monkeys are watching the babies. But they aren't mean to the babies."

"Oh...why are they mean? Are they mean to other grown up monkeys?"

"Yes, they are protecting the babies from the other mean monkeys. They are just being the babysitters for the exhausted mothers."

"Really? Do you know what exhausted means?"

"Yes, it means (throwing her arm up with the back of her hand at her forehead and throwing her head back) SO tired."

As I'm typing this, she came to ask me what fascinated means. See....we're having a vocabulary lesson here!


Merrie said...

I love it! I do think they learn a lot from all the kid shows. It has to have helped their vocabulary and reading and knowledge of colors, shapes, etc. You live on a farm -- I don't think there's a chance that they won't be outside enjoying life on a regular basis! :)

And I love the "SO tired" bit! lol

kerri said...

That's funny! Tell her I'm impressed with the Shamwow infomercials! I need one!!

Stephanie said...

She is a stitch :) So funny that she is in awe of the infomercials for YOU...not the bendaroos for her! Love her drama with the "exhausted mothers :)"