Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is here.....I think!

I'm sitting here at the table on March 28 looking out the window at sleet & snow falling. We were just planting garden last weekend!! I love Spring. In fact, it's become my favorite season. I used to love Fall, but Spring is my new favorite. Spring is everything new and fresh...buds popping out on trees, flowers peaking up through the ground, all kinds of babies are born. It's a happy season!! We've had several calves born, our cat is round with life inside her and we have some other babies we've been raising in the house...
These first chicks (3 Rhode Island Reds & 3 Barred Rocks) were already about a week old when we got them.

The second group (6 Buff Orpingtons) were day old chicks when we got them. Needless to say, they have gotten very spoiled! One in particular is very friendly and wants to be held ALL.THE.TIME! Leah named her Seedsy...because birds like to eat seeds. OK!

This picture is what the first group looks like now. They have been moved out to the chicken coop and I think they were happy to stretch their wings!

The newest babies around here are these little guys (or girls).

Ducks were the first thing on Leah's list that she wanted when we moved to a farm. Mom called last week and said the feed store had baby ducks and she was bringing some to Leah. Aren't they cute?! Just look at those feet! Do you notice how they are looking at the camera in the last picture? That is about as much "love" you'll get from these guys. They DO NOT want to be held. I don't know if we just missed the imprinting stage or if ducks just aren't cuddly....but they aren't going to be lap ducks. That's probably better anyway because they are poop machines! They have already been moved out to the chicken coop (with a heat lamp of course) because I couldn't stand the mess anymore. I kept complaining about how much water they were splashing out of the waterer and Jason said "They are ducks you know." So, they are doing their duck thing outside now! I threw down a few extra wood chips and lowered the heat lamps a bit this morning...'cause ducky it's cold outside!


kerri said... cute!!! I want a baby chick and a baby ducky!

Merrie said...

Farm babies! I love it! My kids would go absolutely nuts. I hope we can do something like that for them someday.
How's the house coming along? I hope you'll post some more pictures of the progress.

Stephanie said...

It's about time, slacker! They are so darn cute...especially Seedsy!