Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our farmhouse remodel

Well, well, well....it has been awhile since I've been here. Several times I have thought about doing this post but I was hoping to have pictures of our house all finished WITH our furnishings in it. We do have our furniture in and are living here but I'm not ready for pictures yet (too much stuff still laying around). So, I'll show you some before and after pictures but you'll have to wait for the final pics. These pictures were taken prior to getting new flooring so ignore the floors....they look MUCH, MUCH better now!
This is the living room before we did anything.

I am now realizing that I haven't taken any after pictures of the living room...oops! Basically, it got paint and flooring....nothing major. You can see it in a later post with furnishings.
This is what Leah's room looked like when we got it. Several layers of wallpaper covered with bright yellow paint and some hideous carpet. Leah's idea was to paint it pink but keep the carpet...yeah, right Leah!

She dressed herself this day!
Her room needed a new ceiling,

and got the perfect shade of pink on the walls (one wall had to have new sheet rock and the other three walls were completely skim-coated over old, bumpy, rough plaster). This room took the most time by far, but Daddy wanted Leah to be happy in her new house!

This is in the kitchen (before).

This is that same area after. It has since been painted and crown molding added.

The biggest transformation was in the dining room. Here it is before.
This is looking from the dining room into the living room.

All of the old plaster was torn down...very messy.

New sheet rock was put up.

The existing window was replaced with a bigger picture window.

Here is the dining room after...

beadboard, crown molding and new trim was added....then painted.

That's the big picture of what we did. There are still some things to be done and eventually we'll do something to the kitchen and utility room. It's pretty small but it's home and we are loving it so far.


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, I cannot wait to see it!! Leah, your pink room looks so girly and pretty, maybe I can sleep in it sometime.........
Love, Grandma Anneli

Merrie said...

I'm sorry I missed this from a few weeks ago. I've been skimming the blogs but too busy to keep up as much as I'd like. The new house is beautiful and I love the changes you're making. Great shade of pink in your daughter's room, too! I look forward to seeing more. Keep it up! :)