Friday, September 5, 2008

DO feed the animals

We're heading to the farm today for the weekend. We're always excited to get there and see the animals. There is a new addition for us to care for....a baby calf! The mother had twins and only wanted to care for one so Dad and Jason took the abandoned one. Leah was so excited to feed him and is very excited to get there today and see him again!

The chickens are still growing and changing. They are 10 weeks old now and pretty much look like full grown chickens but they won't start to lay eggs until 20 weeks or so. The one I thought might be a rooster definitely is...or we have a very manly lady!

The goats got a treat last weekend of stale corn chips. They'll be excited to see Leah coming this weekend with the rest of the bag. She loves feeding her animals!

We have 8 weeks of city living left and then we're off to a more rural life. For now, our weekend trips will have to do.

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe that ol' cow denies her twin baby. I love baby calves...too cute. How does Leah not get knocked over!?! Remember Ginger the bottle calf we had as kids?

Free range chickens - we should do a post comparing my eggs to the ones your chickens will lay!